When to do a Journey

Do you feel that you are watching your life and and not really living it?
Do you have hidden saboteurs that block you ?
Is an old emotional problem continuing to haunt your life?
Do you feel empty, demoralized and devoid of enthusiasm in your professional or personal life?
Do you feel that your relationships with other people are superficial?
Do you aspire to happiness, would you like to awaken your inner strength and to experience clarity and deep inner peace in your life?
Do you feel it is  time for you to live life fully, in perfect happiness, as a free being?
Are you ill?
Are you frustrated because of failure at school or at work?
Do you suffer from phobias or addictions?

Exemples of physical or emotional blocs

Chronic Fatigue - Stress - Phobias - Chronic Pain -  Lack of self-esteem - Panic Attacks  - Great sadness - Burnout -- Uncontrollable jealousy - Lack of energy - Doubt - Children's issues - Asthma - Mobbing - - Depression - Hyperactivity - Burnout - Fear - Eating Disorders - Addictions -  Allergies - Frustration - Insomnia - Stress -  Skin Problems - Lack of abundance - Inhibitions - Anger - Migraine - Chronic Pain - Eating disorders - Mobbing - Hyperactivity - Fear - Addictions - Problems related to children - Allergies - Anxiety - Phobias - Cancer and other illness.