Mirella and the Journey

Already 25 years ago, during my beginnings in computer education, I always felt the desire to help people to trust in themselves, to encourage them, and to make them aware of their internal strength. And I always tried to find solutions for these people when  they were faced with difficulties, although not always with great success.

The JOURNEY - " the healing trip " - was a revelation for me, because I realized that, with  absolute respect and without giving any personal suggestions, I was able to help each person to delve into their depths and to discover the source at their core, this truth which would allow them to find their own answers.

With the Journey, I am merely accompanist them  on this internal exploration, which the key to being happy, vibrant, full of energy and healthy .

This method has  brought me, personally, to understand and reconcile myself with my past, and has given me trust, calm,  thankfulness and a spiritual expansion.

And you? How do you feel?  Would you like me to accompany you on this journey?