Different Journey types

Emotional Journey
This process guides you through the emotional layers until you reach your essence or Source, which then imparts a message to your consciousness. This process also allows you to clear out any blocks associated with a particular memory stored in your cells, leading to forgiveness and a natural rebalancing and healing of the body. (The session lasts ~2 hours)

Physical Journey
This process takes you on a journey inside the body in search of the physical location where a cellular block  has been stored as a result of a traumatic event or memory.   Once the emotional impact of this memory is neutralized,  forgiveness will allow self-healing. (The session lasts ~1-2 hours)

Kid’s Journey
Two types of journeys are available, one for children between 5 and8 years, and another for children up to 12 years. Recommended for hyperactive children, or children dealing with  divorce, bereavement or problems at school . (The session lasts between 20 minutes and an hour. )

Life’s Purpose Journey
This is a wonderful process that goes into the depth of one’s being ... to discover the purpose of our presence in this life. (~ 2 ½  hours)

Designer Journey
This journey is a customized process and is a combination of  all the other journeys.  Lasts between 2 and 4 hours.

Other types of Journey

Journey Women -a process especially for women for unlocking their full true potential (~ 2-3 hours)

Belief or Vow change  - to clear old beliefs  or vows that are limiting and obsolete. (~ 30 minutes)

Abundance  - process to eradicate the silent saboteurs  which impede development in all fields (~ 2 hours)

No Ego - to find the true truth  and eliminate  what we are not (~ 2 hours)

Addiction suppression (~ 30 min)

Phobia cure (~ 30 min.)