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Brandon Bays the pioneer...

Brandon Bays developed the concept of the Journey® 15 years ago, when she healed herself of a tumor the size of a basketball, in just six weeks.

She found a method to access the repressed memory which was blocking her cellular receptors, which was at the origin of the disease.

By experiencing, expressing, and fully emptying out the stored pain, and finally forgiving, she triggered the healing of her body.

Since then thousands of people worldwide have successfully tested this  inner Journey®, both in individual sessions for emotional or physical problems, and in schools, hospitals and many other fields.


 The Journey
An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

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 Consciousness the new currency book uk

Consciousness the new currency
A New Paradigm for Manifesting Conscious Abundance, Lasting Fulfilment and a Sustainable Future

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The Journey for Kids Liberating your child shining potential

Journey for Kids: Liberating your child's shining potential

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Freedom is book uk

Freedom Is

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