The Journey

The Journey® is a smooth liberating exploration to the center of yourself to release what prevents you from living fully and in good health.

The Journey is a very powerful guided introspection -  a liberating process to get access to our true potential.

During our life we accumulate suffering, rejection, frustration and denial, and all of these are stored in our bodies.

It has been scientifically proven that these repressed emotions block our cellular receptors and are at the source of our diseases.

The Journey ™ is a cutting-edge process that allows us to release emotional blocks from our past which are paralysing us in the present. With the Journey, we get access to our true self, to our full vibrancy and potential.



Below you find the video of Brandon Bays, creator of the Journey method,
welcoming  Lynne Mc Taggart, scientific journalist, international speaker and writer of many books like "The Field" and "The Bound" .

 Une méthode puissante de transformation !

the journey

aussi appelé "voyage de guérison"