REIKI means «universal vital energy». This remarkable healing energy is transmitted by hands.

Main virtues of the Reiki:

  • Reiki revitalize body and spirit, it works at any level physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.
  • Reiki reinforces and accelerate the natural healing process
  • Reiki accelerate toxins elimination. It is particularly recommended after a chirurgical intervention, during radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.
  • Reiki regulate the energetic system.
  • Reiki re-establishes physical harmony and soul wellness.
  • Reiki adapts itself to the bodily needs of the receiver.
  • Reiki dissolves the blockings and favors the total relaxation
  • Reiki also acts on animals, plants and situations.
  • Reiki is a holistic cure extremely simple and pleasant.

By giving Reiki I am a simple "channel (canal) transmitter» connecting myself to the «Strength of universal Life ". 
I do not use my own energy and thus I feel no loss of personal energy, no fatigue by passing on (by transmitting) the Reiki. I feel on the contrary revitalized which is not the case of magnetizers who transmit their gift through their own energy.

How Reiki works:

 The fact of putting hands on the various parts of the body allows relaxation and calm to settle down by the heat transmitted. The effect of relaxation is often fast and effective. For some it calms down the mind bringing a sensation of well-being, peace and clarity.

During a session that last approximately 1 hour, the person is laying, dressed, on a massage table or sitting on a chair.

During the days after the treatment, a fatigue or some pains may appear. Although these eventual reactions might not be very comfortable, they are called “healing crisis”. They mean that a inner transformation is taking place and will be followed later by a better wellbeing.

Reiki energy is very powerful and penetrates under the form of vibrations, waves of various frequencies felt like an intense heat, some itches, shivers, etc… depending on the personality, sensibility and needs of the person.

The power of Reiki energy depends totally on the needs of the receptor : the energy itself, endowed with an intelligence vaster than ours and devoid of prejudice, makes what the receiver needs : the work is done automatically by itself, Reiki energy going directly to the main cause of the illness, and not only on the symptoms. They are the deeper and unconscious layers of the being that do the doing, receiving the Reiki energy.

Organs and devitalized tissues of the human body receiving the Reiki energy start living again. The muscular or emotional blockings give in under the contribution additional and repeated by energy, allowing the individual to evolve physically and mentally in a different way.

What it is important to know:

  • The first time, it is recommended if possible, to do four sessions in a week. This will help the body to get rid of poisons and toxins.
  • Reiki energy does not always replace a medical treatment, but it reinforces all therapies.
  • Treatment can bring a chronic disease in an acute stage before removing it. Reiki energy reinforces any medical treatment by its purifying action. 
  • Reiki can never be dangerous. It always adapts itself to the bodily needs of the person.
  • Reiki is neither a faith nor a religion and can be practiced by all.
  • Reiki is also a powerful meditation and personal development method.

Mirella and the Reiki:

Different levels of trainings: I, II, III, Techniques in Reiki, Reiki Master since 2014.

I gladly introduce people avid to practice on themselves auto-treatments of Reiki energy (level I).
It is highly recommended making everyday auto-treatments especially when having to face severe illness.

I am not a doctor and cannot do a medical diagnostic. 

Price :

Switzerland CHF 100.-- for a one hour session.
France € 80.-- for one hour session.