Mirella OSS-BUCK

Holistic Therapist (Body and mind being a whole)

acrcredited  Journey  practitioner
Reiki master
healer cutting out  burns and emmoragies


Even though I am not a doctor, I can accompany and help you to:

  • Looking for  and finding  your own solutions
  • Becoming the co-creator of your well-being
  • Reducing or even eradicating your physical or emotional pains
  • Realizing and accepting that every symptom is a signal indicating that something deep wants to be modified or harmonized in your reality.
  • let go
  • giving you the strength to go forward on your way of life restablish the balance … so that you can find again your natural and original fullness

With sincerity, benevolence, and dedication I share with you the tools that helped me to detect my limiting scheme, to conturn them, to make them vanish, to grow in consciousness, to accept what life brings me, to understand that nothing comes by coincidence, to transmute issues in positive experiences, to soar in gratitude, joy, love and freedom that is what we really are.

The Journey, Reiki and others are complementary to medecines … and are magnificent and powerful tools.!

Come to discover and experiment them.

Take an active part in your path of life in order to heal your physical, emotional and spiritual parts.

Why not putting all the chances on your side in order to obtain what you desire most?

Since 2012 I give conferences on different themes, organize seminars and Journey Grads meeting in Switzerland, France and Italy.  Check our program in the NEWS section.




  • 2008-2009 The Journey Seminars
    • Journey Intensive Seminar
    • Advanced Techniques
    • Manifest Abondance
    • Healing with conscious Communication
    • Journey for Kids
    • Transformational Week
    • + 48 cases studies examined
  • 2010 Accreditation Journey Practitioner
  • 2012 Journey Woman
  • 2013 Stop the food fight
  • 2013 The Journey Mastery Class


  • 2011 – 2013  REIKI Seminars
    • Level I, II, III, (Mikao Usui)
    • Techniques in Reiki
    • Retreats (2)
  • 2014 Reiki Master degree


  • 2014 – "Academie de la vie en Mouvement" with Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur
    • “Take care of our own life”- 15 months - online


  • 2014 – Seminar with Kevin Billett
    • “The Enneagramm Masterclass”- 18 months -  online


  • 1989 Seminar with Anthony Robbins
    • « Mind over Matter » 3 days with firework experience
    • « Certificazione NAC » 15 days Neuro Associative Conditioning


  • 1989 Seminar SILVA METHOD in Geneva 
    • 2 days Beginners level
    • 2 days Advanced level

Before 2008 :

  • Until mid 2008 : Freelance Consultant in micro computer trainings
  • 1986-1998 teacher, fonder and manager
  • OSS-TRAINING SA – Micro-computer Training school in Geneva
  • Before 1985 – Sales in computer companies
  • Before 1982 – Import Export secretary