Need to talk and release a too heavy burden...? I am listening in an open and non-judgmental way!


the journey
Want to get rid of limiting beliefs, health or emotional problems? I can guide you through a guided introspection method allowing you to go, find and clear the root-cause.


Need to re-harmonize and energize your body and spirit, or reinforce your healing process? I can be a canal of cosmic energy and transmit it for you while you relax!

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Our true nature is to live healthy, in the opening, in joy, advancing with passion in the activities of our lives. However, sometimes we are taken "in the storm of life' and have difficulty to manage some life-situations that may generate excessive stress which might cause serious diseases. With sincerity, kindness and dedication I propose to accompany you to help cope and put at your disposal all my know-how for you to find your true nature...